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Autumn 2009

Dear Windhorse Friend,
Welcome to our autumn update!
We hope you enjoy reading our newsletter and exploring the wonderful new titles available.
The Windhorse Team

New Titles
Guide to the Deities of the Tantra by Vessantara
In this third and final guide to the figures of Buddhism the key characteristics of the Tantra are explained, its many Deities introduced and its symbolism explored clearly. By first focusing on the underlying principles before delving in more depth towards the heart of Tantric Buddhism, this guide provides the foundations for a gradual and thorough understanding of a mysterious and mystical subject, encouraging confidence in the exploration of its many themes and lavish forms.

Spring 2008

Introductory Teachings in Buddhism

Concise Introduction to Tibetan Buddhism by John Powers {local author}
Lucid and economical, A Concise Introduction delivers a brisk, fast-moving survey. For many years, Powers' six hundred-page Introduction to Tibetan Buddhism has served as an authoritative and comprehensive introductory text on Tibet's distinctive Buddhist tradition.

Guide to the Buddhas by Vessantara
Why does Buddhism refer to so many Buddhas? Who are they? What can they tell us about ourselves? As Buddhists over the centuries meditated on the archetypal Buddha, more and more forms appeared. They sprang up profusely, like wild flowers, in different shapes and colours. They evolved. New varieties were discovered. Eventually the Buddhist tradition was decorated with a riot of colour and beauty.

Autumn 2008

Dear Windhorse Friend,
Welcome to our e-newsletter!
We are finally settling down into our new shop: Bodhi Books and Gifts, which opened in Newtown, Sydney, late last year and thought it high time we brought you news of new books and other products.
We also have some great new titles, with quite a lot of focus on meditation—a wonderful new meditation clock!; books which help us enter into a deeper appreciation of the body and its role in meditation; and some excellent new guided meditation CDs.
I hope you enjoy this newsletter!