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Come and See for Yourself: the Buddhist path to happiness

by Ayya Khema

When we stop searching for happiness in the world and look to the depths of meditation instead, we discover thet we carry within ourselves everything for which we have been searching

Aya Khema explores twelve short extracts from the vast collection of Buddhist teachings, encouraging us to take an honest look at ourselves. If we can take this first step, we may find we suffer from anger, fear or greed, but we can also find the seeds of contentment and inner peace. Aya Khema exhorts us to use awareness, reflection and meditation - the simple tools for change prescribed by the Buddha 2,500 years ago. Training our mind in this way, we can release ourselves from the grip of negative emotions and enjoy the benefits if greater joy and confidence.

The Buddha urged people to come and see for themselves the truth of his teachings - to test them in the fires of their own experience. It is up to us - Aya Khema tells us - to let go of worldly things that cannot satisfy the heart, and discover for ourselves that elusive happiness for which we search.

About the Author
1 Insight into Impermanence Leads to Happiness
2 The Thirty-Eight Blessings
3 An End to All Suffering
4 The Faults of Others
5 Two Kinds of Treasure
6 Five Ways to Overcome Anger and Resentment
7 What Should We Believe?
8 The Seven Fetters
9 Four Fundamental Teachings
10 Loving-Kindness
11 Gaining Insight
12 The Heart of Perfect Wisdom

Come and See for Yourself: the Buddhist path to happiness

ISBN / Product Code: 9781899579457

Format: Paperback

Length: 197 pages

Size: 235 x 155mm

Availability: Not available, publisher indicates OP

Price: $A 28.95

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