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Exploring Karma and Rebirth

by Nagapriya

Exploring Karma and Rebirth is a vigorous and thought-provoking inquiry into two important but often misunderstood Buddhist doctrines.
This challenging book:
• clarifies and critically appraises these traditional Buddhist doctrines,
• examines them in relation to their cultural origins and discusses whether these teachings are still relevant today, and
• offers an imaginative reading of what the teachings could mean for the postmodern Western world
Above all, Exploring Karma and Rebirth insists that, to be of enduring value, these doctrines must continue to serve the overriding aim of Buddhism: spiritual awakening.

About the Author:
Nagapriya has been a student and then teacher of Buddhism for 15 years. In his work at the Manchester Buddhist Centre (1992–7) and the Dharmavastu Centre for Buddhist Inquiry (1998–2003), he has explored and taught various aspects of the Dharma, both on residential retreats and through correspondence programmes. With a degree in philosophy, he is currently completing an MA in religion. His current interests include the cross-cultural study of European and Asian thought and Japanese Pure Land Buddhism.

Buddhists (both newcomers and experienced), those interested in philosophy, approaches to this life/afterlife, comparative religion

…an excellent introduction to the complex and frequently misinterpreted Buddhist doctrines of karma and rebirth…
- Stephen Batchelor, author of Buddhism Without Beliefs

…cogent, knowledgeable, and penetrating
- Zoketsu Norman Fischer, founder and teacher Everyday Zen Foundation, former abbot, San Francisco Zen Center

Every Buddhist should read it.
- David Loy, author of The Great Awakening: a Buddhist Social Theory

Authors Note
Introducing Karma and Rebirth
The Origins of Karma and Rebirth
Karma and Dependent Origination
What is Karma?
The Fruits of Karma
Bending the 'Iron Law'
The Undiscovered Country
The Six Realms
Born Again
The Evidence for Rebirth
Making Some Sense of It
Does Rebirth Matter?
Conclusion: the Interconnected Self
Notes and References
Further Reading

Exploring Karma and Rebirth

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