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Beginner's Guide to Changing the World: a true life adventure story

by Isabel Losada

From Publishers Weekly
Losada, an English actress, singer and TV producer, detailed her New Age search for happiness in her previous book, The Battersea Park Road to Enlightenment. Now she turns away from the tummy-button of her search for personal happiness to take on social action on behalf of Tibet, harshly occupied by China, and its leader in exile, the Dalai Lama. Losada is disappointed by British organizations working in support of an autonomous Tibet, because they don't necessarily embrace the Dalai Lama (the sanest voice on the planet). To ease her frustration, Losada makes some contacts, develops a Web site and dreams up some publicity schemes, including tits for Tibet, involving topless women in a van. Cooler heads prevail, and the author settles for a parachutist jumping from Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square while unfurling a picture of the Dalai Lama, a stunt that attracts international news coverage. Losada also travels to Tibet and falls in love with a monk. An audience she has with the Dalai Lama is recounted in glowing terms. She seems unfamiliar with political, historical and religious complexities, but there's no doubt that Losada is a good-humored, hard-working activist for Tibet. Her heart is in the right place, but much of the time her head doesn't follow.

From Booklist
To Londoner Losada, it was all so illogical. By fighting the war on terror with even more violence, world governments were showing terrorists that such destructive tactics were effective because they had succeeded in gaining international attention. Conversely, the world's leading advocate for peace, the Dalai Lama, was being universally ignored. The message: violence works; peace doesn't. Having already written about achieving personal enlightenment, Losada decided it was time to put her ideas into practice to determine how, or even if, one person could change world opinion. With indefatigable energy, infectious enthusiasm, and indomitable belief in her quest, Losada embraced her mission to protest Chinese domination of Tibet as an opportunity for personal growth as well as for international welfare. Whether traveling to Kathmandu, gaining audiences with Chinese officials, or staging consciousnessóraising PR stunts, Losada's courageous, audacious, and frequently humorous journey from mildly interested observer to fully committed activist is an inspirational and illuminating study in the power and possibility of one person's faith and determination.

Beginner's Guide to Changing the World: a true life adventure story

ISBN / Product Code: 9780060780104

Format: Hardback

Length: 384 pages

Size: 215 x 145mm

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