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Little Angels: life as a novice monk in Thailand

by Phra Peter Pannapadipo

An account - both honest and moving - of disadvantaged thai youths searching for happier lives by becoming buddhist monks.

The real life stories of the novice monks featured in LITTLE ANGELS reflects the lives of many youths in rural Thailand who are trapped in the vicious circle of poverty, broken homes, illiteracy and drug abuse. When all else fails, Buddhism becomes their last resort: providing them with physical shelter and spiritual refuge. It heals their childhood traumas and gives them a moral framework for living and a better outlook on life. Each individual story, heartrending as it may be, subtly shows what Phra Peter Pannapadipo sees and wishes others to appreciate.

Phra Peter Pannapadipo became a Buddhist monk at the age of forty-five but now administers SET - the Students' Education Trust he set up for novices who wished to continue their education but cannot afford to do so. As monks cannot earn money or fundraise themselves, he elected to disrobe temporarily.

Little Angels: life as a novice monk in Thailand

ISBN / Product Code: 9780099484486

Format: Paperback

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