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Concise Introduction to Tibetan Buddhism

by John Powers

Lucid and economical, A Concise Introduction delivers a brisk, fast-moving survey. For many years, Powers' nearly six hundred-page Introduction to Tibetan Buddhism has served as the field's most authoritative and comprehensive introductory text on Tibet's distinctive Buddhist tradition. Now Powers has responded to requests to provide an introductory text in compact form. This slimmed-down reference explains the core Buddhist doctrines and the practices of meditation and tantra in an engaging manner. A survey of the four main sects of Tibetan Buddhism and a succinct history of the Tibetan cultural region complete this work.

The best single-volume introduction to Tibetan Buddhist practice and culture. —Library Journal

A comprehensive and eminently comprehensible overview…Powers' substantial Introduction to Tibetan Buddhism…is able to discuss even the most complex aspects of Tibetan Buddhism in a straightforward and engaging manner…He conveys the drama of the history of this multifaceted tradition…while his descriptions of Tibetan geography, architecture…(etc.) give us a vivid picture of life in Tibet. —Booklist

The vitality of Tibetan Buddhism in exile has exceeded anything anyone could have predicted; hence the need of a book that presents its history, doctrines, lineages, practices and tantric essence in a cogent way. John Powers' Introduction to Tibetan Buddhism does this!—Professor Huston Smith

...presents the wide spectrum of Tibetan Buddhism in clear, concise form with Western methodology and critical appreciation. This work beautifully elucidates the nature of the complex religious and philosophical disciplines of Tibet. —Lobsang Lhalungpa, author of The Life of Milarepa

For years, Powers' 500-plus-page Introduction to Tibetan Buddhism has served as the most authoritative introductory text on the subject. He has now produced a slimmed-down reference, which explains the core Buddhist doctrines, and the practices of meditation and tantra, in a most engaging manner. Certainly not 'Buddhism-lite,' this is essential reading for those who want to understand the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, and it will probably give you a taste for the longer version, from which Mandala used an excerpt in the October/November 2007 issue. Both of these works are recommended.—Mandala Magazine

John Powers received an M.A. in Indian Philosophy from McMaster University and a Ph.D. in Buddhist Studies from the University of Virginia. A specialist in Indo-Tibetan philosophy and meditation theory, he has published widely on Buddhist thought and practice. He teaches at the Centre for Asian Societies and Histories at the Australian National University. He lives in Canberra, Australia

Concise Introduction to Tibetan Buddhism

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