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Brief History of Everything

by Ken Wilber

A BRIEF HISTORY OF EVERYTHING is an altogether friendly and accessible account of men and women's place in a universe of sex soul, and spirit, written by an author of whom NEW YORK TIMES reporter Tony Schwartz says: 'No one has described the path to wisdom better than Ken Wilber.'

Wilber examines the course of evolution as the unfolding manifestation of Spirit, from matter to life to mind, including the higher stages of spiritual development where Spirit becomes conscious of itself. In each of these domains, there are recurring patterns, and by looking closely at them, we can learn much about the predicament of our world - and the direction we must take if 'global transformation' is to become a reality.

Wilber offers a series of striking and original views on many topics of current interest and controversy, including the gender wars, modern liberation movements, multiculturalism, ecology and environmental ethics, and the conflict between this-worldly and otherworldly approaches to spirituality. The result is an extraordinary and exhilarating ride through the Kosmos in the company of one of the great thinkers of our time.

A Note for the Reader

PART ONE - Spirit-in-Action
1. The Pattern that Connects
2. The Secret Impulse
3. All Too Human
4. The Great Postmodern Revolution
5. The Four Corners of the Kosmos
6. The Two Hands of God
7. Attuned to the Kosmos
8. The Good, the True, and the Beautiful

PART TWO - The Further Reachers of Spirit-in-Action
9. The Evolution of Consciousness
10. On the Way to Global: Part 1
11. On the Way to Global: Part 2
12. Realms of the Superconscious: Part 1
13. Realms of the Superconscious: Part 2

PART THREE - Flatland
14. Ascending and Descending
15. The Collapse of the Kosmos
16. The Ego and the Eco
17. The Dominance of the Descenders
18. The Unpacking of God

Brief History of Everything

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Format: Paperback

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