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Meditation Stool - bodhi style, low

The BODHI Meditation Stool with Folding Legs, Low is suitable for people who are lightly built and quite flexible.

The ingenious trapezium shaped seat supports you comfortably and takes the strain of the ankles, lower legs and knees, rounded edges provides ease for your thighs. Its sloped seat encourages and promotes good posture.

For comfort and additional stability its legs are slightly angled outward. The readily folding legs are supported by strong hinges and joinery.

Attractively built in eco-friendly lightweight pine, finished with natural resin hardening oils.

Weight less than 1.5 kg. Dimensions: W 160 x Length at back of seat 490 x Height at back 170 mm.

Meditation Stool - bodhi style, low


Availability: To order

Price: $A 125.00

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