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Heart of the Universe: reflections on Shin Buddhism and inner togetherness

by Mu Soeng

The Heart Sutra offers us insight into the nature of ultimate reality perceived through intuitive wisdom. The spaciousness of this approach allows the heart to beat in all its naturalness, beyond disputations and ideological arguments. Fascinately, there are some interesting parallels with quantum physics to the basic insights of the Heart Sutra and Korean Zen master Mu Soeng explores these here and shows how intellectual and intuitive can begin to meet. Indeed, the convergence between science and mysticism, between Eastern thought and Western pragmatism and empiricism, and the consequent emergence of a new paradigm in recent times, offer a renewed hope that we can transform ourselves and the world around us.

In offering a modern commentary on this famous Mahayana scripture, the Heart of the Universe establishes a broad context to encounter the Heart Sutra on many levels - historical, spiritual, and empirical - each serving to independently illuminate the other.

Originally published as Heart Sutra, by Primary Point.

Heart of the Universe: reflections on Shin Buddhism and inner togetherness

ISBN / Product Code: 9780861715749

Format: Paperback

Length: 150 pages

Size: 226 x 150mm

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Price: $A 29.95

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