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Bhavasankranti Sutra and Nagarjuna's Bhavasankranti Sastra

by N Aiyaswami Sastri (ed.)

The Bhavasankranti Sutra, Sutra on Transmigration in Cyclic Existence, is
a short sutra on the transmigration from one life to the next. It teaches
that no element of existence (dharma) transmigrates, and yet rebirth occurs.
At least, this is what all but one of the versions teach. Here in this
volume, all four extant versions are translated. The earliest one says,
contrary to the later three, that one dharma transmigrates. Nagarjuna's
Sastra or treatise hereon explains transmigration in terms of emptiness.
Also included is Maitreyanatha's commentary, retranslations into Sanskrit
from Chinese and Tibetan, and the Tibetan texts.

Bhavasankranti Sutra and Nagarjuna's Bhavasankranti Sastra

ISBN / Product Code: 9780895819895

Format: Paperback

Length: 155 pages

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Price: $A 43.00

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