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Complete Poems 1941/1994

by Sangharakshita

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'Art is the organization of sensuous impressions into pleasurable formal relations that express the artist's sensibility and communicate to his audience a sense of values that can transform their lives.'

Sangharakshita has dedicated himself to helping people transform their lives not only through his work as a Buddhist teacher but also through the medium of verse. For in his poetry he combines the sensitivity of the poet with the vision born of a life of contemplation and uncompromising spiritual practice.

This collection, spanning more than half a century, encompasses an extensive variety of subjects - from the grandeur of the Himalayan peaks to the suicide of a friend, from the Buddha's begging-bowl to Plato's SYMPOSIUM, from the streets of London to the caves of Bhaja.

Here we have the opportunity to listen to a unique voice and to be uplifted by the reflections of an extraordinary person and an accomplished spiritual teacher.

Complete Poems 1941/1994

ISBN / Product Code: 9780904766707

Format: Hardback

Length: 522 pages

Size: 247 x 167mm

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