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Realizing Emptiness: madhyamaka insight meditation

by Gen Lamrimpa, B Alan Wallace (tr.)

These teachings are profound and clearly guide one toward realizing the nature of emptiness by examining the true import of the I sense.—Inner Review
Not quite Prasangika made easy (an impossibility) but is at least Prasangika made comprehensible.—Dharma Life
Trained in Buddhist philosophy and meditation by some of the greatest Gelugpa masters of the twentieth century, the Tibetan contemplative Gen Lamrimpa went on to spend some twenty years in solitary retreat. Then His Holiness the Dalai Lama requested that he teach others. Realizing Emptiness contains practical instructions on gaining realization of ultimate reality. Gen Lamrimpa shows how to use Madhyamaka reasoning to experience the way in which all things exist as dependently related events. This is accomplished by analyzing experience to fathom how it has been misperceived and misunderstood because of our many delusions. Contains appendices on Dzogchen and Madhyamaka.
I recommend Realizing Emptiness for its fresh approach to explaining an ancient idea.—John Tigue, Ph.D., for Explorations

Realizing Emptiness: madhyamaka insight meditation

ISBN / Product Code: 9781559391801

Format: Paperback

Length: 184 pages

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