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Karmasiddhiprakarana: the treatise on action by Vasubandhu

by E Lamotte, Leo Pruden (tr.)

Under the influence of his teacher, Louis de la Valle Poussin, Prof. Lamotte published several works in French, which were primarily editions, translations and commentaries on Tibetan and Chinese Buddhist texts. The theories and concepts contained in this particular work are closely related to those of the Abhidharmakosa, and as such it makes a valuable companion to that larger work. Here Prof. Pruden has provided a masterful English translation of Prof. Lamotte's work, and has added a brief biography of Prof. Lamotte and his scholarly accomplishments to familiarize the reader with this great scholar of Buddhism.

Karmasiddhiprakarana: the treatise on action by Vasubandhu

ISBN / Product Code: 9780895819086

Format: Paperback

Length: 132 pages

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Price: $A 37.95

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