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Entry into the Inconceivable: an introduction to Hua Yen Buddhism

by Thomas Cleary

The excellent introduction stresses that Hua-yen philosophy is not just a system of thought but rather a set of practical exercises, the value of which is in discovering a new perspective in which both unity and diversity are interrelated.... Thoroughly recommended to all Buddhists wishing to deepen and widen their understanding, and a 'must' for all seriously practising Buddhists of whatever persuasion, as a check on the clarification of their practice. —The Middle Way

Entry Into the Inconceivable is an introduction to the philosophy of the Hua-yen school of Buddhism, one of the cornerstones of East Asian Buddhist thought. Cleary presents a survey of the unique Buddhist scripture on which the Hua-yen teaching is based and a brief history of its introduction into China. He also presents a succinct analysis of the essential metaphysics of Hua-yen Buddhism as it developed during China's golden age and full translations of four basic texts by seminal thinkers of the school.

Text adopted at Occidental College; University of North Florida; Columbia University; University of Colorado, Boulder; University of Arizona; Northwestern University.

Entry into the Inconceivable: an introduction to Hua Yen Buddhism

ISBN / Product Code: 9780824816971

Format: Paperback

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