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Thunderous Silence: a formula for ending suffering (a practical guide to the heart sutra)

by Dosung Yoo

The Heart Sutra-a pithy and profound text that represents the essence of the prajna paramita literature, and is thus a distillation of twenty-one years of the teachings of the Buddha-is here laid clear.

Thunderous Silence unravels this fundamental-but, for many practitioners, inscrutable-text in careful, step-by-step analysis and an easy, conversational voice. Breaking down the sutra, Reverend Dosung Yoo examines it phrase by phrase, walking the reader through the text, and offering explanations and metaphors from the Korean folk stories of his youth, from quantum physics, and from the Western canon: Charles Dickens, the Book of Psalms, and Socrates. He then invites the reader to examine the fundamentals of Buddhism-emptiness, enlightenment, The Four Noble Truths-in light of the Heart Sutra. Thunderous Silence will thus appeal to both readers new to Buddhism and advanced practitioners looking to deepen and strengthen their practice.

The notion of ‘emptiness' is the essence of The Heart Sutra and a seminal concept in both Mahayana Buddhism and the Korean Won-Buddhist tradition. Rev. Dosung Yoo's practical guide to The Heart Sutra uses concrete examples drawn from everyday life to help the reader understand and embrace the concept of emptiness. Rev. Yoo's accessible commentary will deepen one's understanding and practice of Buddhism. An accessible commentary on a seminal concept in Mahayana Buddhism. Rev. Dosung Yoo’s practical guide uses concrete examples drawn from everyday life to deepen the reader's understanding and practice.”—–Robert E. Buswell, Jr., Distinguished Professor of Buddhist Studies, UCLA

“Simple and powerful—Rev. Yoo's commentary opens the gateway to a deeper understanding of Buddhadharma and enriching both our practice and daily lives. I cannot recommend it highly enough.”-His Holiness, Venerable Chwasan, former Head Dharma Master of Won Buddhism

“Wonderful and welcome. Dosung Yoo brings a keenly-felt contemplative understanding of the core text and strong, clear voice. He is as well-grounded in classical Mahayana teachings as in the folk narratives of Korean Buddhism. A valuable contribution.”—Mu Soeng, author of The Diamond Sutra and The Heart of the Universe

Rev. Dosung Moojin Yoo was ordained in the Won-Buddhist Order in Korea in 1993. He teaches at the Won Dharma Center in Claverack, New York, where he lives, and at the Won Institute of Graduate Studies. He has translated several Won-Buddhist Texts and is interested in bridging the gap between the teachings of Christianity and Buddhism

Thunderous Silence: a formula for ending suffering (a practical guide to the heart sutra)

ISBN / Product Code: 9781614290537

Format: Paperback

Length: 224 pages

Size: 225 x 150mm

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