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Entangling Vines: a classic collection of zen koans

by Thomas Yuho Kirchner

Never before widely available in English, Entangling Vines is one of the four major koan texts used in Rinzai Zen training. Kirchner’s annotation make this a brilliant introduction to Buddhist philosophy as well. Containing 272 cases and extensive note material, the collection is indispensable for serious koan training and will also be of interest for anyone drawn to Zen literature.

“A masterpiece . . . It will be our inspiration for 10,000 years, not just as itself but as a model for translations of other classics.”
—Robert Aitken, author of Taking the Path of Zen and The Gateless Barrier

“Entangling Vines is a wonderful book, a book to take if you are planning to be shipwrecked on a desert island; it is the book I open every day, and teach from every day. It's surprising, lucid, scholarly, alive, unassuming and it goes deep. Stories, questions and conversations, catalysts for the transformation at the core of Zen.”
—John Tarrant, author of Bring Me the Rhinocerous and Other Koans That Will Save Your Life

“An excellent translation of an important collection.”
—Taigen Dan Leighton, in Japanese Journal of Religious Studies

Entangling Vines: a classic collection of zen koans

ISBN / Product Code: 9781614290773

Format: Hardback

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