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Unlocking Happiness at Work: how a data-driven happiness strategy fuels purpose, passion and performance

Unlocking Happiness at Work: how a data-driven happiness strategy fuels purpose, passion and performance
Jennifer Moss
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Winner of the Independent Press Awards 2018 - Business Motivation Category

Unlocking Happiness at Work takes you on a journey into why and how leaders should become compassionate capitalists and ensure that their teams thrive. This book debunks the myth that happiness at work is a waste of time and demonstrates how it can deliver a more productive and engaged workforce, which can have real impact on the bottom line. Based on two decades of scientific research, real-time data, interviews and case studies, this book proves that happiness fuels higher performance, provides a greater sense of purpose and spreads passion throughout organizations.

With insightful practical guidance throughout, Unlocking Happiness at Work is a lively and persuasive exploration of how to be happier and make others happier through the power of habits, emotional intelligence and an innovative approach to work/life flow. Case studies from lululemon, Zappos, Misfit Inc, The Body Shop and more are supported by tangible data and key performance indicators that show the significant benefits that come from adopting a happiness strategy. This is an essential resource for leaders who want to increase sustainability, attract new talent, improve their brand and boost profitability - in a way that is life-enhancing for them and their people.

Chapter - 1: The happiness/brain science connection
Chapter - 2: The history of happiness and the importance of grit
Chapter - 3: The power of habit
Chapter - 4: Emotional intelligence and leadership
Chapter - 5: Conscious capitalism
Chapter - 6: The happiness disruptors
Chapter - 7: Engaging the whole person
Chapter - 8: A happier approach to change
Chapter - 9: Want to be a global company? Be a global citizen
Chapter - 10: The future of happiness
Chapter - 11: Conclusion