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Tibetan Buddhism From the Ground Up: a practical approach for modern life

Tibetan Buddhism From the Ground Up: a practical approach for modern life
B Alan Wallace
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As long as our minds are dominated by the conditions of the external world, we are bound to remain in a state of dissatisfaction, always vulnerable to grief and fear. How then can we develop an inner sense of well-being and redefine our relationship to a world that seems unavoidably painful and unkind?

Many have found a practical answer to that question in the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism. Here at last is an organized overview of these teachings, beginning with the basic themes of the sutras—the general discourses of the Buddha—and continuing through the esoteric concepts and advanced practices of Tantra. Unlike other introductions to Tibetan Buddhism, this accessible, enjoyable work doesn't stop with theory and history, but relates timeless spiritual principles to the pressing issues of modern life, both in terms of our daily experience and our uniquely Western world view.

This fascinating, highly readable book asks neither unquestioning faith nor blind obedience to abstract concepts or religious beliefs. Rather, it challenges us to question and investigate life's issues for ourselves in the light of an ancient and effective approach to the sufferings and joys of the human condition.


1 Dharma and the Rituals of Happiness
2 Life’s Oldest Illusion
3 Death: No Exit
4 A Spirit of Emergence
5 The Roots of Discontent
6 The Fruits of Our Labors
7 Gateway to Freedom
8 The Foundation of Spiritual Practice
9 Stabilizing the Mind
10 Loving Kindness
11 Four Applications of Mindfulness
12 Individual and Universal Vehicles of Buddhism
13 Cultivating a Spirit of Awakening
14 Transforming Misfortune into the Spiritual Path
15 Emptiness and Fulfillment
16 The Diamond Vehicle of Tantra