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Business and the Buddha: doing well by doing good

Business and the Buddha: doing well by doing good
Lloyd Field
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When it comes to business, everyone wants to do well. But can we do good at the same time? Lloyd Field (and, indeed the Dalai Lama, who provides the foreword here) says, unequivocally, Yes. Field's Business and the Buddha lays out the guidelines for putting ideas about individual and corporate social responsibility into practice without sacrificing the bottom line.
No longer can business-big or small-afford to focus solely on profit. Real assessment of a business's worth must take into account its consideration of our shared human values, and the realities of our shared planet. That doesn't mean a business can't or shouldn't compete; it means that investing in efforts to build a better society can be, on many levels, an asset.

Drawing in a substantial and sophisticated way on traditional Buddhist teachings, Lloyd Field shows how decision-makers and entrepreneurs can achieve new levels of happiness and security both inside and outside the company, and take a power-position as a force for positive global change.

"An exceptionally well-written book, and one of the most thought-provoking books I've read in many years. It gets to the heart of many issues that trouble me about the business world, and how our societies have managed the free enterprise system. The author, Lloyd Field, uses the lessons of Gautama Siddhartha, the Buddha, to critique and recommend changes to business and free enterprise to increase its humanity and concern for the welfare of the planet and its inhabitants. Its focus is on three groups of guiding principles: wisdom, ethical conduct, and compassion. Who could argue that we have enough of any of these in the business world?"
—John Caddell, founder and principal of the Caddell Insight Group, on his blog, Shoptalk

"Lloyd Field's inspired book reminded me of the value of 'karmic capitalism,' the idea that business can have a positive transformative effect in our lives if we are willing to look at the long-term, karmic effects of our actions. Business and the Buddha is a wake-up call for any conscious business leader who wants to succeed in the right way."
—Chip Conley, CEO of Joie de Vivre Hospitality and author of Peak: How Great Companies Get Their Mojo From Maslow

"Field offers an inspiring perspective on Buddhist principles and their ability to transform our traditional capitalist system from a greed-driven enterprise into a humanistic and compassionate endeavor."
—Gary Erickson, owner and founder of Clif Bar & Co, and author of Raising the Bar: Integrity and Passion in Life and Business: The Story of Clif Bar Inc.

"This book invites senior corporate leaders to apply Buddhist principles to work and its results. Field offers up the Four Noble Truths, along with advice for how senior leaders can bring them and other significant Buddhist principles to the workplace. May Lloyd Field's Business and the Buddha inspire multitudes to work towards causing no harm."
—Conscious Business blog

"Can profit-driven, free-market enterprise be reconciled with the Buddha's Middle Way? For Lloyd Field, a longtime management consultant and Buddhist practioner, the answer is yes. Business and the Buddha presents his case for bringing "a human-based values philosophy to a value-neutral economic culture," using the Four Noble Truths as a framework. The great thing about Buddhism, Field says, is that it doesn't require that we take anything away from an existing culture—it just adds values like personal responsibility, integrity, ethical behavior, and spirituality, guided by the Buddha's Eighfold Path. Field is not the first to promote human health and dignity as having value that is at least equal to the corporate bottom line, but he is among the first to make that argument using Buddhist philosophy as a guide. Whether you're a paper-pusher in cubeland or a decision-maker at the top of the corporate ladder, Lloyd offers you an analysis and helpful suggestions that will help bring humanity into your business."
—Shambhala Sun

"It is an urgent priority that such models (as the one Lloyd Field offers) be put into effect."
—from the foreword by the Dalai Lama

"When Lloyd speaks, I listen."
—Cheryl Leis, Ph.D., International Ethics Advisory, Boeing Corp.

"I cannot express to you how much we all appreciate Lloyd's guidance and advice in helping us manage this organization. He has had a profound and positive effect on our ability to achieve our mission of making a difference in people's lives."
—John Colangeli, Chief Executive Officer, Lutherwood

"Business and the Buddha shows us the way to apply the Buddha's message of joyfulness to the business community and help us work towards a happier family, career and life. Lloyd Field demonstrates a rare ability to apply Buddhist theories to the everyday."
—Most Eminent Venerable Master Hsing Yun, Founder, Fo Guang Shan

"The challenge in all interpersonal relations, corporate or otherwise, is to live as though this is our only life. Business and the Buddha establishes rules of conduct for doing so, and will awaken those who are not familiar with the wisdom of the Buddha's teaching."
—Dr. A.T.Ariyaratne, Founder, Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement

"I can think of no better person to act as a confidante and mentor to senior leaders, who often find themselves confronting difficult organizational problems that require clear thinking, strong action, and a value-based compass."
—Dieter E. Kays, President/CEO, FaithLife Financial