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Buddha's Teachings on Prosperity: at home, at work, in the world

Buddha's Teachings on Prosperity: at home, at work, in the world
Bhikkhu Rahula Basnagoda
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Money and investing. Family. Relationships. Work and business. Sex. What could the Buddha tell us about such worldly concerns?

Actually, quite a lot, and you'll find it all here. Some of it might well surprise you. All of it will guide you toward a more prosperous, more fulfilling, and truly happier way of life.

The Buddha had an unusually keen insight into what people with everyday concerns need to know, and The Buddha's Teachings on Prosperity delivers the actual teachings that he gave to all those many people he encountered who were not monks or nuns-or even, meditators. This is practical advice on the important stuff of life, those things nearly all of us must deal with in order to enjoy a meaningful, lasting happiness:

* Taking care of children and aging parents
* Providing for our families
* Working with employees and business partners
* Finding and maintaining love relationships and marital partnerships
* Making responsible, ethical financial decisions
* Cultivating the best in your personality

These very do-able teachings are specifically for those who can't or (for whatever reason) won't be devoting their lives to meditation or any kind of religious practice-but who nonetheless wish to minimize their suffering, maximize their joy, and help create a better world.

BHIKKHU RAHULA BASNAGODA, Ph.D., was born in Sri Lanka and became a Buddhist monk in childhood. He holds a Master's Degree in literature, and a doctorate in English. He serves the congregation at the Houston Buddhist Vihara, and teaches English at the University of Houston. He lives in Texas.

"The Buddha's Teachings on Prosperity is a beautiful reinforcement of the potential dignity of lay life and a clear, well-written, and meticulous documentation of the Buddha's attitude towards it. This major contribution, coupled with our already-existing enthusiasm for contemplative practice, will bring into existence a more authentic, balanced life."
—Larry Rosenberg, author of Breath by Breath

"Very little of the valuable information in this book has previously been collected and so clearly presented. This is a very important book."
—Bhante Gunaratana ("Bhante G."), author of Mindfulness in Plain English

"Bhikkhu Basnagoda Rahula reveals, in simple yet elegant language, the steps and techniques Buddha recommended for the success and happiness of his lay community. This book is unique because it stays away from Buddhist metaphysics and focuses on Buddha's guidance of the reader's daily life; it fascinates and benefits those who strive for financial stability, healthy personal and social relationships, rational decisions, personality development, inner peace, and happiness."
—The Buddhist Channel

"Buddhism stands apart in being tolerant, accommodating, and pragmatic. This book aims to rediscover the principles and values that have been obscured by centuries of culture and history."
—Sir Arthur C. Clarke, from his foreword

"Original and authentic."
—Prof. Anne C. Klein, Rice University

"Bhikkhu Rahula's clear and easy to follow translations and commentary reveal that contrary to recieved wisdom, the Buddha actually had a lot to say about improving daily life in samsara."