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Unlearning the Basics: a new way of understanding yourself and the world

Unlearning the Basics: a new way of understanding yourself and the world
Rishi Sativihari, Mu Soeng
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In fresh and inviting language and making frequent use of strikingly clear diagrams and illustrations, Unlearning the Basics challenges many of our common-sense understandings about ourselves and the world. The author lays out a new way of seeing that enables us to live more serenely, more compassionately, and more free from the slings and arrows of our busy lives.

Along the way, Rishi Sativihari looks at love and grasping, at "the great unfixables," and at how vulnerability and pain feed the "evolution of character"-all in the service of helping us return to our true home and find new ways to flourish. Grounded in the Buddhist tradition yet completely free from the formulas of traditional, tired presentations, Unlearning the Basics has an informal, straightforward style that will immediately captivate the reader.

"Unlearning the Basics might be understood as a sequel to the classic Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind: gently nudging us back to what we thought we knew and helping us discover something fresh and real-something suddenly self-evident. A rare and precious achievement." —Kurt Spellmeyer, author of Buddha at the Apocalypse
"An exciting read. Sativihari's book is in many ways a model for how the teachings of the Buddha could and should be talked about in a psychologically mature and sophisticated environment and offers the author's own innovative insights into what the Buddha was trying to convey in his explication of the Four Noble Truths. This is an important book that brings us much closer to a more nuanced understanding of the Buddha's own thought processes."—from the foreword by Mu Soeng, author of The Heart of the Universe and Trust in Mind

"An exhilarating and lucid introduction to Buddhist thought. Sativihari begins with a sophisticated reading of the Four Noble Truths as a sacred poem and ends with a plea for more compassionate culture and politics. In between there is wisdom spiked on every page." —Mark Kingwell Ph.D., author of The World we Want

"This book is a treasure. It poetically presents elemental aspects of Buddhist thought and is ideal for those in the West seeking to learn more about Buddhism and to glimpse reality afresh. The book is written with profound depth and elegant simplicity that inspires the reader to re-image life and to live the way of compassion and openness." - Pamela R. McCarroll, professor of Pastoral Theology, Knox College

Dr. Rishi Sativihari was born Richard Wright and grew up in the inner city of Detroit during the 1960s and 70s. Prior to monastic life, Rishi worked as the clinical director of La Casa, a drug abuse treatment center in southwest Detroit, and as a staff psychologist for the University of Toronto, Department of Psychiatry. Rishi received his monastic training and ordination from the Venerable Wattegama Dhammawasa at the Subodharama Monastery in Sri Lanka. He also trained in the Tibetan (Gelug) tradition under theVenerable Geshe Tashi Tsering at the Chenrezig Monastery in Australia, and under S.N. Goenka at the Dhammagiri Centre in India. In 2003, Rishi left monastic life and began training in the contemplative foundations of Judaism and Christianity at the Toronto School of Theology. He currently offers teaching on contemplative living and guidance in spiritual formation to individuals and groups in the Toronto area.