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Kum Nye Dancing: introducing the mind to the treasures the body offers

Kum Nye Dancing: introducing the mind to the treasures the body offers
Tarthang Tulku
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The exercises in this book are new. These are not traditional Kum Nye postures, but instead are based on temple practices I had learned as a young man in Tibet. I drew upon my recollections of exercises that prepare lamas for the sacred ritual movement colloquially known as lama dancing. Traditional lama dancing uses physical choreography to open up the self and liberate energy for Dharma activity; these exercises, intensifying feeling in similar ways, can tame resistance, resentment, and lack of cooperation. The practices in this book are invigorating rather than soothing, designed to energize the body and to wake up consciousness.
—Tarthang Tulku, Kum Nye Dancing - Introduction

Kum Nye is the art of making friends with all experience. When we practice the gestures, we become familiar with the body's subtle flows of energy. Through movement, energy expresses meaning and liberates the mind. Dynamic and expressive, the Kum Nye Dancing postures manifest the understanding that only in the present moment can we find real nourishment and knowledge. These postures ignite the power to engage us now.

Tarthang Tulku, a well-known Tibetan lama, is one of the few teachers still living to have completed a formal traditional training in Tibet before 1959. Since 1969, Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche has lived and worked in California, where he established various publishing and educational organizations and authored over thirty books, including two earlier volumes on Kum Nye (Kum Nye: A Tibetan Yoga; The Joy of Being).