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Meaning of Conversion in Buddhism

Meaning of Conversion in Buddhism
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'People tend to think "Once upon a time I was a Christian. Then I read a book about Buddhism, and changed my faith. Now I am a Buddhist and that's that." But it is not really that simple.'

The Meaning of Conversion in Buddhism involves more than the heart's initial response to the truth. Throughout our spiritual life there are turning points, moments of conversion, which lead us to an ever deeper experience of reality, until the final conversion - to Enlightenment itself - is attained.

This book explores the theme of conversion in relation to four crucial aspects of the Buddhist spiritual life: Going for Refuge to the Three Jewels, entering the Stream, the arising of the will to Enlightenment, and the 'turning about in the deepest seat of consciousness'.

While he explains these teachings with great clarity, Sangharakshita's approach is essentially pragmatic. Spiritual change is not a matter of theory; nor is it something that only happens to other people; nor does it come about by chance. It is a real possibility for anyone prepared to create the conditions in which it can arise. But how do we create those conditions?

This book offers some practical tips - and a great deal of encouragement - to everyone who seeks to engage in the perpetual revolution that is the spiritual life.
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Going for Refuge

Entering the Stream

The Arising of the Bodhicitta

The Turning About in the Deepest Seat of Consciousness