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In the Realm of the Lotus

In the Realm of the Lotus
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'Life is fleeting, life is transient, but life is also beautiful.'

Is there a place for beauty and art in the spiritual life?

Sangharakshita has a high reputation as a Buddhist scholar, prolific writer, and spiritual teacher - but he is also a visionary, poet, dreamer, mountain gazer, and lover of art.

In this remarkable interview - conducted by Olle Mallander for Finnish television - Sangharakshita leads us through his inner landscapes, his early influences, and visionary experiences. He recalls his teachers and initiations, as well as his friendship with Lama Govinda.

Reflections on angels as messengers, the primacy of colour in the transformation of consciousness, and the possibility of reaching higher states of awareness from the dream state are just some of the thought-provoking treasures revealed from Sangharakshita's knowledge and insight.

Sangharakshita's belief is that a true work of art offers us a symbol of spiritual communication - or even of divine inspiration. This interview provides a glimpse of the splendour of such communication.
Forward - Meetings with a Remarkable Man

I A Passion for Colour
II Dreams, Visions, Initiations
III Aspects of Enlightenment
IV Return to Western Culture
V Beauty and the Hierarchy of Art
VI The Conflict Between Religion and Art
VII A New Renaissance?