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Answers: discussions with Western Buddhists

Answers: discussions with Western Buddhists
HH Dalai Lama XIV
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In India, at the place where the Buddha attained enlightenment, it became a well-established tradition for the Dalai Lama to spend several days each year giving teachings to Buddhists from all over the world. Following his teachings, he held informal group discussions with Western students of Buddhism. In these lively exchanges the Dalai Lama exhibits clear and penetrating insight into issues that are most important to Western students. Some of the topics discussed are: psychology, Christianity, being a practicing Buddhist in the West, spiritual teachers, reincarnation, emptiness, tantra, protector deities, liberation, meditation, compassion, disciplining others, the power of holy places, and retreats.

"This is a great book! The richness of this book lies in its simple spontaneity and breadth of subject matter."
—The Tibet Journal

"Throughout these wide-ranging discussions, the Dalai Lama shows himself once again to be a superb scholar of Buddhist philosophy with a strong penchant for practicality…one of the most fascinating religious figures of our time."
—Donald S. Lopez, Jr., Author of Prisoners of Shangrila and Curators of the Buddha

"Here is a pleasing introduction into the mind of a living saint. And for those initiates among us, here is a reminder of simplicity in the way in which to approach issues which concern us all."
—The Tibet Journal

"The Dalai Lama's many answers should prove of great interest."
—Library Journal

"Answers: Discussions with Western Buddhists., is an enlightening transcript of questions—and the Dalai Lama's responses—from Buddhists gathered at the meditation retreat at the sacred site of Bodhgaya in north India."
—New Age Journal

"…quick, high informative read that they will find themselves referring to time and time again."
—Diamond Fire Magazine

"Even among the illustrious history of Dalai Lamas, the present 14th Dalai Lama is recognized as particularly brilliant. Here, he engages small groups of Western Buddhists who are very well informed practitioners and with his clear and penetrating insight answers their questions on a wide range of topics."
—Branches of Light

His Holiness the Dalai Lama, leader of the Tibetan people and Nobel Peace Laureate, is a remarkable Buddhist teacher and scholar, versed in the teachings of all the schools of Tibetan Buddhism.

Jose Ignacio Cabezon is Associate Professor of the Philosophy of Religion, Iliff School of Theology and author of A Dose of Emptiness. He lives in Denver, CO.

(originally published as The Bodhgaya Interviews)