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Jake Fades: a novel of impermanence

Jake Fades: a novel of impermanence
David Guy
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206 x 130
Jake is a Zen master who fixes flats and teaches meditation out of a bicycle shop in Bar Harbor, Maine. Hank is his longtime student. The aging Jake hopes that Hank will take over teaching for him. But the commitment-phobic Hank doesn't feel up to the job, and Jake is beginning to exhibit behavior that looks suspiciously like Alzheimer's disease. Spend a few days with Jake, Hank, and an odd assortment of other endearing characters on their trip to Central Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts, that changes everything.

Reviews of Jake Fades
"The Buddhist lessons of impermanence and letting go are folded into a contemporary urban story of drifters and their teachers in this sweet novel."—Kirkus Reviews

"Jake Fades is a book written with an uncommon clarity: a story by a real storyteller. Like all good books, it's about many things: Buddhism—sure, that's there—but it's also about the families we're born into and the families we make for ourselves. Sit. Read."—Daniel Wallace, author of Big Fish and The Watermelon King

"A wonderfully entertaining and admirably down-to-earth story about Zen, beer, sex, and real people in real life—not the make-believe Zen of your dreams."—David Chadwick, author of Crooked Cucumber and Thank You and OK!