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Embracing Mind: the common ground of science and spirituality

Embracing Mind: the common ground of science and spirituality
B Alan Wallace
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Both science and spirituality search for "ultimate truths." God, the Big Bang, nirvana, the theory of evolution, relativity, quantum mechanics—these are some of the concepts that have been articulated as a result of that search. But the human capacity for exploring these ultimate sources of truth—the one thing that unites science and spirituality—is often overlooked. Embracing Mind argues (1) that science has hobbled itself by ignoring its unique source of inspiration—the mind—and (2) that the schism between science and spirituality is unnecessary. In language accessible to any intelligent reader, Embracing Mind first explores the veracity of major scientific "myths," then presents a viable science of the mind emanating from contemplative spirituality, including Hindu, Christian, Sufi, and Buddhist views.

"This book shows clearly and compellingly how Buddhism and other spiritual traditions may help enrich our understanding of the mind and its role in nature, without reducing it merely to a material function property of the brain."
—H. H. the Dalai Lama

"A well-written, open-minded, thought-provoking, and cogent discussion. Alan Wallace is rare in being at home in the traditionally scientific as well as the contemplative scholarly worlds, and in their book Wallace and Hodel make them both accessible to the reader."
—Elizabeth Blackburn, Recipient of the Albert Lasker Award for Medical Research