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Illustrated Lotus Sutra

Illustrated Lotus Sutra
Gene Reeves
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Renowned and beloved the world over, a peerless contemporary translation of one of Buddhism's most important texts comes alive with over 110 full-page illustrations by a multiple award-winning artist.

The Lotus Sutra is regarded as one of the world's great religious scriptures and most influential texts. It's a seminal work in the development of Buddhism throughout East Asia and, by extension, in the development of Mahayana Buddhism throughout the world. Taking place in a vast and fantastical cosmic setting, the Lotus Sutra places emphasis on skillfully doing whatever is needed to serve and compassionately care for others, on breaking down distinctions between the fully enlightened buddha and the bodhisattva who vows to postpone salvation until all beings may share it, and especially on each and every being's innate capacity to become a buddha.

This illustrated edition features more than 110 full-page and two-page illustrations by a world-renowned and award-winning artist, and brings the fantastical and image-filled world of the Lotus Sutra vividly to life. Demi's illustrations are both classical and contemporary in feel, perfectly complementing Reeves's masterful and modern translation.