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Verses of Inspiration: from the Buddha's Udana

Verses of Inspiration: from the Buddha's Udana
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The udanas, literally 'breathing out', are the breath of the Buddha. Like the better-known Dhammapada, these spiritually-inspired Verses of Inspiration are at once uplifting and relevant to our lives. Reading them we sit at the feet of the Buddha.

Here, for the first time, is a presentation of the verses independent of the prose text to which they are normally appended. They are beautifully illustrated with carefully selected photographs paralleling the truth of each. Padmakara's renditions offer an accessible way into a valuable, yet little known, Buddhist resource.

Verses of Inspiration is not just to be read, but is a basis for devotion, reflection, and study for both newcomers and those who are familiar with the Buddha's noble path to Awakening.
An Extract from: Verses of Inspiration
from The Mind:
With single-hearted devotion,
Aspiration to higher states of mind,
And well trained on the path of wisdom;
There is no suffering for such a one
Who is ever mindful and calm.

from Opinions and worldly concerns:
Rushing madly through life
They miss what is really most important
And create further fetters.
Like moths falling towards the flame
They are entranced by the sights and sounds of the world.