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Buddhism: tools for living your life

Buddhism: tools for living your life
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210 x 164
The next best thing to your own personal Buddhist teacher….

Buddhism: tools for living your life is a guide for those seeking a meaningful spiritual path while living everyday lives full of families, work and friends. Vajragupta gives clear explanations of Buddhist teachings and the necessary guidance on how to apply these to enrich our busy and complex lives.

The personal stories, exercises, reflections and questions in this book help transform Buddhist practice into more than a fine set of ideals. They make the path of ethics, meditation and wisdom a tangible part of our lives.

"In this book I am attempting to give a feel for what a 'Buddhist life' might be like, for people of all kinds of backgrounds and experience. The aim is to make the teachings as accessible and relevant as possible, to give you the 'tools' by which to lead a spiritual life.—Vajragupta

I'm very pleased that someone has finally written this book! At last, a real 'toolkit' for living a Buddhist life, his practical suggestions are hard to resist!
—Saddhanandi, Chair of Taraloka, named UK Retreat Centre of the Year 2006 by The Good Retreat Guide
About the Author

1 four reminders
everyone has a story

2 mindfulness
knowing yourself

3 loving-kindness
learning to love

4 ethics
taking practice into the world

5 right livelihood
chopping wood, fetching water

6 daily life
coursing the worldly winds

7 friendship
talking about mysteries

8 myth and ritual
living in the diamond country

9 wisdom one
the reflective life

10 wisdom two
the buddhist vision of existence

11 compassion
the kind heart of wisdom

12 death and rebirth
what happens next

13 following the path
coming home

notes and references