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Going Buddhist: panic and emptiness, Buddha and me

Going Buddhist: panic and emptiness, Buddha and me
Peter Conradi
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197 x 126
It often takes a crisis to put things into perspective, to show what really matters. For Peter Conradi, the moment came in 1982.

This is his account of the new life-journey he embarked on back then - a self-help book for cynics, totally unpatronising, full of wise comedy, in which it soon becomes clear that 'Going Buddhist' is neither a quick fix, nor a one-shot deal. Over many years Conradi and his friend and mentor Iris Murdoch discusses the meaning of religion, its place in the world, and the Buddhist pursuit of 'Good'. Drawing on these conversations, and the remarkable letters they exchanged, he seeks to explain the beauty of Buddhism, a religion now more relevant than ever to Westerners perishing from the nihilism of the age.

About the Author
Peter Conradi is English Professor Emeritus at The University of Kingston. His most recent book was IRIS MURDOCH: A LIFE, and unpublished letters from Iris Murdoch are also contained in the text of GOING BUDDHIST. He lives in London and Radnorshire.

...serious, subtle and intelligent...
Melanie McGrath Evening Standard

A rare delight... Challenging and very moving...
Josephine Hart

...short, sweet and enchanting...
Daily Telegraph