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Buddha on Wall Street: whats wrong with capitalism and what we can do about it

Buddha on Wall Street: whats wrong with capitalism and what we can do about it
Vaddhaka Linn
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After his Enlightenment the Buddha set out to help liberate the individual, and create a society free from suffering. The economic resources now exist to offer a realistic possibility of providing everyone with decent food, shelter, work and leisure, to allow each of us to fulfil our potential as human beings, whilst protecting the environment. What is it in the nature of modern capitalism which prevents that happening? Can Buddhism help us build something better than our current economic system, to reduce suffering and help the individual to freedom? In this thought-provoking work, Vaddhaka Linn explores answers to these questions by examining our economic world from the moral standpoint established by the Buddha.

'An original, insightful, and provocative evaluation of our economic situation today. If you wonder about the social implications of Buddhist teachings, this is an essential book.' – David Loy, author Money, Sex, War, Karma

'Lays bare the pernicious consequences of corporate capitalism and draws forth from Buddhism suggestions for creating benign alternatives conducive to true human flourishing.' – Bhikkhu Bodhi, editor In the Buddha's Words

'Questions any definition of wellbeing that does not rest on a firm ethical foundation, developing a refreshing Buddhist critique of the ends of economic activity.' – Dominic Houlder, Adjunct Professor in Strategy and Entrepreneurship, London Business School