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Sublime Continuum and Its Explanatory Commentary: with the sublime continuum supercommentary - revised edition

Sublime Continuum and Its Explanatory Commentary: with the sublime continuum supercommentary - revised edition
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The original Sublime Continuum Explanatory Commentary was written by Noble Asanga to explain the verses received from the bodhisattva Maitreya in the late fourth century CE in northern India. Here it is introduced and presented in an original translation from Sanskrit and Tibetan, with the translation of an extensive Tibetan Supercommentary by Gyaltsap Darma Rinchen (1364–1432), whose work closely followed the view of his teacher, Tsong Khapa (1357–1419).

Contemporary scholars have widely misunderstood the Buddhist Centrist (Madhyamaka) teaching of emptiness, or selflessness, as either a form of nihilism or a radical skepticism. Yet Buddhist philosophers from Nagarjuna on have shown that the negation of intrinsic reality, when accurately understood, affirms the supreme value of relative realities. Gyaltsap Darma Rinchen, in his Supercommentary, elucidates a highly positive theory of buddha nature, showing how the wisdom of emptiness empowers the compassionate life of the enlightened, as it is touched by its oneness with the truth body of all buddhas. With his clear study of Gyaltsap’s insight and his original English translation, Bo Jiang completes his historic project of studying and presenting these works from Sanskrit and Tibetan in both Chinese and, now, English translations, in linked publications.


Bo Jiang is a research fellow at the American Institute of Buddhist Studies at the Columbia University Center for Buddhist Studies.


“By presenting a clear translation of Maitreyanātha’s Sublime Continuum together with the masterful commentaries by Asaṅga and Gyaltsap Darma Rinchen, Bo Jiang does the world of Buddhist Studies and the community of Buddhist practitioners a great service. We should all be grateful.”
—Jay Garfield, Director of the Logic Program and of the Five College Tibetan Studies in India Program at Smith College

“We are fortunate to be the recipients of Marty Bo Jiang’s masterful English and Chinese translations of Maitreyanātha’s Sublime Continuum along with the commentaries by Asaṅga and Gyaltsap. His excellent scholarship and translation work have made these texts available to billions of Anglophone and Sinophone readers.”
—David B. Gray, Bernard J. Hanley Professor of Religious Studies, Santa Clara University

“Gyaltsap’s Tibetan commentary is a comprehensive fifteenth-century commentarial work on the Uttaratantra and its commentary by Asaṅga that offers a Geluk interpretation of the Indic treatises. Bo Jiang makes Gyaltsap’s commentary available in English for the first time thereby making a valuable contribution to the study of the Tibetan commentarial literature on the Uttaratantra."
—Tsering Wangchuk, Blum Chair in Himalayan Studies at the University of San Francisco

“This volume is a testament to the richness and creativity of Buddhist traditions in India and Tibet and expands our appreciation not only of the import of the Tathāgata Essence (tathāgatagarbha), but also of the dialecticist Centrist (prāsaṅgika-madhyamaka) view.”
—Douglas Duckworth, Professor of Religion, Temple University