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Windhorse Books at Events

Windhorse Books has a special touch when it comes to supporting events throughout Australia.

We cater to the individual needs of each event. We do this by ensuring we have specific books by the speakers of the event and then complementing these titles with a range of books that expand and deepen the relevant topics. We always work in close consultation with the event organisers to ensure the titles and quantities are accurate and fit the needs of the specific event.

Windhorse Books has worked both nationally and locally (we are Sydney based) to support large, medium and small scale events. Our book speciality includes areas of interest such as Buddhism, meditation, mindfulness, positive psychology, health and well-being, cooking, yoga, workplace health and performance and children's books. We are always keen to branch out into new areas so please contact us if you want to discuss your event.

Windhorse Books can support your event in a number of ways. We can supply books directly to sell at your own bookshop at the event. Where we really specialise is setting up a bookshop at your event with our own team of specialist booksellers and point of sale equipment. This way you don't have to stress about any part of the process as we can look after it from beginning to end. We can work in a variety of spaces to make it look professional and beautiful and ensure your attendees have an easy and fun experience.

Some of the events we have covered in Australia include the Dalai Lama in Australia tours, Happiness & It's Causes Conference, Workplace Wellness Expo, Mind & It's Potential Conference, Sakyadhita Conference and events organised by Bodhi Events.