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Wildmind: a step-by-step guide to meditation

Wildmind: a step-by-step guide to meditation
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A Wildmind is as spacious as a clear blue sky, as still as a lake at dawn; such a mind is a source of richness and fulfilment. It is a mind that is free, spontaneous, and abundantly creative. It is our mind. It is a place we can spend the rest of our lives exploring.

This is a guidebook to that inner wilderness. Buddhist meditaton teacher Bodhipaksa shows us how we can use simple meditation practices to realise the potential of our minds and hearts, freeing ourselves from restrictive habits and fears. Using this natural method of working with our minds and emotions, we can learn to benefit others, and ourselves, by developing a more loving heart and calmer mind.

Wildmind is also an on-line meditation teaching resource. It can be found at

"The teachings of the Buddha are always fresh and apt, and Bodhipaksa has a canny way of making them so for us. He teaches here the best prescription I know for true happiness. What could be more basic, and totally transformative, than conscious breathing, mindful sitting and walking, and opening the heart? Wildmind brings us directly to that awakened wisdom of our true nature. Taste and see!" —Gary Gach, author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Understanding Buddhism

"Of great help to people interested in meditation and an inspiring reminder to those on the path." —Joseph Goldstein, co-founder of the Insight Meditation

"Bodhipaksa has written a beautiful and very accessible introduction to meditation. He guides us through all the basics of mindfulness and also loving-kindness meditations with the voice of a wise, kind, and patient friend." —Dr.Lorne Ladner, author of The Lost Art of Compassion

"Bodhipaksa is a meditation teacher of years and it shows. Filled with case studies, practical advice, and uplifting quotes, Wildmind is one of the most comprehensive and accessible books on the subject - covering everything from preparation for meditation and the meditation process, to the many practical benefits of meditation in everyday life." —Maggie Hamilton, MindBodySpirit Magazine

'I have been less of a reactive person as a result of my (meditation) practice….I feel more creative, at times, when dealing with difficult situations and customers at work.'

'After four days of meditation this week…. I have been feeling more calm during uncomfortable situations… I have been able to focus longer during yoga practice. I have been able to relax better (less stress). I have been able to stop certain thought patterns more quickly.'

'I am warmly grateful for all your inspired work, wisdom, and profoundly human compassion.'

'Since starting meditation my attitude in general is much improved. I am generally more happy and agreeable.'

'I feel the most valuble thing that I will be taking away from this class is that I can change almost any situation and my feelings about how I react. I find myself being so much more understanding in almost every life situation.'
About the Author

Introduction: Why Wildmind?

1) The Examined Life: an introduction to meditation
2) Sit Like a Mountain: a posture workshop
3) Mind Like the Clear Blue Sky: breathing with awareness
4) In Beauty May I Walk: walking meditation
5) Heart Like the Sun: cultivating loving kindness
6) Metta in Daily Life

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