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The Windhorse Ethos

The Windhorse

The Windhorse is a fabled animal in the Buddhist world. It gallops through space carrying the Three Jewels, the most precious things – the Buddha, the ideal of enlightenment or awakening; the Dharma, the path, way or means by which we evolve and awaken; and the Sangha, the community of those treading the path – to all beings. The Windhorse is the animal associated with Ratnasambhava, the yellow Buddha of the south, the Buddha that carries the wish-fullling jewel in his left hand placed in his lap, bringing to all sentient beings their wishes. whatever they need, or even think they need, to evolve. His right hand is opened out toward us in the gesture of generosity.

In our contemporary culture we are often aicted by a sense of paucity, a fear we’re lacking something, always falling short, always needing more. Ratnasambhava exudes the quality of abundance, of plenty, a sense of wholeness, fullness and completeness. Meeting these qualities of Ratnasambhava we can relax, appreciate what we have, who we are and begin to experience the beauty in life, in others, in the world around us. Ratnasambhava is the Buddha of Beauty.

In Tibet they use the same word, lungta, or Windhorse, for prayer ag. When prayer ags utter in the breeze they carry the blessings of the Three Jewels upon the wind out to the four directions, to all beings.


The Windhorse Vision

❏ The world is deeply interconnected, in ways that you and I can only speculate.
❏ All life is fragile, interdependent and precious, in ways you and I can only imagine.
❏ When we sense that interdependence, feel that connection with life, it can lift us to new ways of perceiving and experiencing ourselves, others and the world.
❏ We aim to provide the means to feel this sense of interconnection and interdependence, this preciousness of life and of being alive, no matter where you’re at, where you’re coming from or where you think you’re going.
❏ Through attention, ethical engagement, kindness and wise choices, we aim to enhance our appreciation of life and our wondrous place in life.
❏ Windhorse | Bodhi will help lift you into a new sense of appreciation of yourself, humanity and the world around you.